Monday, 26 May 2014

Descriptions of the occupations listed in Kelly's directories.

Many of the occupations listed are nearly or exactly the same today as they were then and need no explanation (i.e. butcher, tailor, boot maker etc); I have put some up and may fill in others at a later date.

I got most of the information from this site listing various Victorian occupations.

Dealer in cheese and butter.

Marine Store Dealer
A person who buys and sells used cordage, bunting, rags, timber, metal, etc, sorts waste, repairs and mends sacks.

Surgeon Gen Pract: Regd
G.P. - a doctor

One who dresses the coat of a horse with a curry comb, or one who cures or tans hides

knife seller or sharpener

Cowkeeper, Cowman or milkseller
kept one or more cows and sold the milk from the front door, or from door to door

One who sold oil for lamps.

Colour Man
mixed the dyes in the textile trade and also assistant to a house painter

Pork Butcher
A butcher who specialised in Pork meat.

Tripe Dressers and Tripe Dealers.

Tripe was a popular cheap food among the working classes in the past, cooked with milk & onions, or served with vinegar or tomatoes.
It was usually made from the first of the cow’s three stomachs (the rumen). You could get flat tripe, also known as smooth or blanket tripe, and honeycomb or pocket tripe. There was also a type known variously as book, leaf or bible tripe.

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